"Paul's grasp of story, grammar, and style make him a wonderful editor and his soft touch make the process easy and encouraging. He's always one of the first people I have read my work because I know his notes will propel me into a strong second draft."

- Matteson Perry

Moth storytelling champion and author of Available: A Memoir of Heartbreak, Hookups, Love, and Brunch

Los Angeles, California


"I was a writer who felt stuck and stalled. Paul was the answer to my frustrations. He is part mentor, therapist, and cheerleader, and he helped me to recognize the mental and social obstacles impeding me as a writer. His examples, nudges, and questions helped me to recognize those obstacles and identify strategies for overcoming them. I highly recommend Paul for anyone wanting to become a better and more productive writer. It's an excellent investment to make in yourself and your writing career."

 - Sarah Goodrum, Ph. D

Department Chair, Criminal Justice

University of Northern Colorado 

"I came to Paul with an assortment of writing challenges. Among them: an inability to focus, a lack of confidence in my material, trouble with time management, an overactive self-censor, a propensity to chase too many disparate ideas all at once, and an inability to complete drafts. Using his comprehensive arsenal of skills, Paul gave me specific, concrete tools to address and overcome each challenge in turn. Using a precise balance of challenge and support, he helped me get out of my own way so that I could relax, have fun, and write.

I can't recommend Paul highly enough. He’s a fun, generous coach who will improve the work of any writer, no matter their experience or level."


 - Todd Sullivan

Enormous Productions

Los Angeles, California