Writing is like yoga, meditation, and exercise: success is found not in the finished product, but in the process. And just as is true with yoga, meditation, and exercise, the first step is to develop a regular practice.


That's what I'm here for. After an initial consultation during which I'll learn more about what you need out of a writing coach, I'll help you construct manageable goals. Long-term goals, weekly goals, and - most important - daily goals.


To do this, I will draw on my experiences as a writer and editor. I've written two books. I've written for Slate, Esquire, and ESPN. I've run a writing website and an e-magazine. 

But perhaps more important: I will draw on my experiences in sports. I played professional basketball for nearly ten years, eventually worming my way into the NBA. My journey to the upper reaches of sports taught me the importance of the three Rs: repetition, routine, and regulatrity--lessons I've applied to my own writing, and lessons I'll apply to yours.

Think of PenCoach like you would a personal trainer. Except that I'm in charge of developing your creativity.

PenCoach costs $750 for a six-week program.
I'm also available month-to-month when that time period is up.

The Philosophy 

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