That's a reasonable question.


I've written for such outlets as The Wall Street Journal, Esquire,, Slate, and Playboy. I also founded a website for writers called FlipCollective and started an e-magazine called Cartel. I run a non-profit writers' community in Los Angeles: Writers Blok.


My first book, Can I Keep My Jersey?, was published by Random House in 2007. That book has since sold 40,000 copies; New York magazine said it was "Highbrow-Brilliant." The Chicago Tribune said my second book, Stories I Tell On Dates, was "charming."


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Who is this guy?

That first book I mentioned is about my ten-year professional basketball career. Normally, that might be enough to disqualify me as a potential writing coach or editor. (Because many professional athletes are idiots.)


But I was never a normal professional basketball player. I only made it to the NBA because I worked harder than most of my cohort. And I've learned to apply that discipline to writing...and to the writing of others. 

Why should I let him work with me?